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Zurich City: Things to Do Before or After Your Appointment with Us

WWhether you’re in Zurich City as a tourist, during your business travel, or living in the city, some insider tips on what to experience in town might be helpful.
The picturesque lanes of Zurich‘s Old Town center on both sides of the Limmat River reflect its pre-medieval history. Its waterfront promenades follow the river toward city hall – which dates back to the 17th century. Whether you love history, nature, or trendy cafes, there’s a lot to do around here.
So if you’re getting an appointment with us, either it is for your first tooth correction consultation or a simple teeth cleaning procedure, there are a few things you can do in the area where we are located that might suit you. Here are our best tips!

1. Walk Around Zurich Seefeld

Seefeld is a tranquil neighborhood known for its scenic waterfront along Lake Zurich, and it hosts green areas such as the Chinese Garden and Tiefenbrunnen. This laid-back district also hosts Theater im Seefeld and Villa Patumbah, among other attractions. While you walk around Seefeld and let yourself get amazed by the views, you’ll find out that this area offers an authentic Swiss lifestyle full of charm to visitors from around the world or even those who live in Zurich.

You can easily get to our dental office by getting off at the Stadelhofen station, Bellevue, or Opernhaus, which are also right next to Seefeld.

2. Grab a Coffee at MAME

For those who love coffee and are not doing a teeth whitening procedure, MAME coffee is a great place to sit, read a book, get some work done, or just relax while sipping one of their many choices of coffee. Plus, the cozy atmosphere makes you feel at home.

You can taste their champion coffees, get one of their many choices of expressos or filtered coffees. By the way, they have won multiple awards, including World Brewers Cup Champion 2018.

3. Go Sightseeing in Zurich City Center

If you’re new in town or just visiting, we highly recommend you do some sightseeing in the old town. There’s so much to see and do in the area! You can check the Kunsthaus Zürich (the Fine Arts Museum), see the Grossmünster and the Fraumünster, beautiful churches near the waterfront, sit back and relax at Sechseläutenplatz, a plaza in front of the Opera House, or get delighted with the views while crossing the Quaibrücke bridge, that was built over the Limmat river during the 19th century.

4. Go Sightseeing in Zurich City Center

If you want to go shopping, you’re very close to the best place to do so. Bahnhofstrasse, the most prominent street in Zurich city center and one of the most exclusive commercial streets in the world, it’s only a 10 minutes walk away from us. You can walk up and down the streets and see some of the latest trends on the shops’ windows from some of the biggest brands in the world.

There you will find brands like Tiffany & Co, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hérmes, Gucci, Omega, and some more affordable options too.

5. Visit the FIFA World Cup Museum

The new FIFA World Cup Museum in Zurich, Switzerland is a must-see for any football fan. The museum’s three stories of exhibits take you back to the early days of the sport and document every single tournament since 1930.

Each exhibit features some exciting artifacts from each year’s competition like an original trophy or even jerseys worn by famous players which were donated while they were still playing! Visitors will enjoy all this interactive technology that makes it possible to see clips from memorable matches as well as listen to audio recordings made during them – In addition there are touch screens where visitors can get information on past tournaments around the world with statistics about teams, goals scored etc.

5. Go for a Swim at Mythenquai

Even though it’s not so close to us, this is a place worth the visit – especially during the summer months. If you came to us only for a routine check up, you’re free to go for a swim or just relax at the beach.

Mythenquai is a beach in Lake Zurich that is only a 30 minutes walk or 7 minutes drive from us. The beach is located on the other side of the lake, in Kreis 2, which is another excellent area to explore.

If you’re not a fan of swimming in the lake or going to the beach at all, you can still enjoy the attractions nearby, like the FIFA World Football Museum, Museum Rietberg, or one of the many parks in the area.

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Dr. med. dent. Barbara Scheiner

Dr. med. dent. Barbara Scheiner, specialist in orthodontics (CH), successfully completed her doctorate in Zurich in 2013. She has fulfilled her dream of many years. Through the university specialist training also in Zurich, she specialized as an orthodontist and has been certified since 2017 after successfully passing the exam as a “Specialist in Orthodontics Switzerland”.

She has been the owner of the practice We Love Smiles Orthodontics Zurich AG since 2018. She applies her knowledge successfully and with great dedication in her practice. Her specialty is correcting the position of teeth in children and adults.

Customer satisfaction and professionalism always come first. She is extremely careful and gentle, so that even the smallest patients feel comfortable with her.