Your practice for orthodontics in Stadelhofen, Zurich

We make a difference to more than just crooked teeth.

We have a sense of aesthetics

We combine the latest orthodontic technologies with our expertise, allowing us to achieve predictable results that give our patients a smile as radiant as they are. We make a difference not just to teeth, but also to the lives of children and adults.

Dr Barbara Scheiner-Mislik
Specialised dentist for orthodontics (CH)

Dr Barbara Scheiner-Mislik is a specialised dentist for orthodontics (University of Zurich), on the board of the Swiss Society for Aligner Orthodontics (SGAO) and owner of We Love Smiles Kieferorthopädie Zürich AG since mid-2018.

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Recognised as ‘Specialised dentist for orthodontics in Switzerland’ in accordance with SGK/SSO specifications

Specialised programme in orthodontics at the Clinic of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Zurich under Prof T. Eliades

Awarded doctorate as Dr. med. dent. from the University of Zurich

Assistant dentist in general practice in Thusis

Awarded Swiss diploma in dentistry from the University of Zurich

Studied dentistry at the University of Zurich

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Med. dent. Mathias Rentsch
Federal dipl. Dentist

Assistant dentist We Love Smiles Orthodontics Zurich AG

2018 to present
School dentist at the school dental clinic of the city of Zurich

Federal Dental Diploma from the University of Zurich

2013 – 2018
Studied dentistry at the University of Zurich


Anita Aliu
Reception & administration

‘It makes me happy when I see treatment run successfully from start to finish and our patient leaves the practice with a new radiance.’

Sinem Aksakal
Dental and prophylaxis assistant

‘I love getting to know the people behind the patients – it brightens my day in the practice. Especially with children, I’m usually right there going through it with them as they develop and grow.’

Diana Plesca
Dental assistant in training

‘I particularly value the friendly interactions with our patients. You can tell from the atmosphere and all the positive feedback we get that we treat our patients as equals.’

All our practice procedures are fully digitised

From 3D scan to virtual treatment planning to patients’ files – all our processes are fully digitised.


Extensive supplementary training and years of experience in complex cases.


Use of the latest orthodontic technologies for predictable results.


Efficient and modern practice procedures thanks to complete digitalisation.


Proven expertise in the treatment of malocclusions.


Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Aligner Orthodontie SGAO,

Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft SSO,

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie SGK,

European Orthodontic Society EOS,

Zürcher Kieferorthopädische Studiengruppe ZKS

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