Invisible or fixed braces? The right method for a great smile.

Find out more about the features of the different braces and which method is right for you.

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Invisible or fixed braces? The right method for a great smile.

Teenagers and adults are often looking for a discreet method of treatment that will go unnoticed. With Invisalign – the global market leader in transparent braces – we offer a practically invisible treatment method. Invisalign’s transparent aligners offer full digital planning capability. They are highly comfortable to wear and can be removed by the patient themselves at any time.

Children often require more complex, multi-stage treatment as they grow and their smile develops. We can detect potential jaw alignment issues requiring correction as early as the milk-teeth stage. As the success of treatment depends directly on the child’s co-operation and how long the braces are actually worn, in our experience, fixed ‘train-track’ braces are more suitable for young patients. ‘Train-track’ braces also enable more complex and biomechanically demanding tooth movements which are not possible with an aligner.

When do we use which type of braces?

Invisalign’s invisible braces
are suitable…

… in particular for teenagers and adults who have all their adult permanent teeth (no more milk teeth).

… for patients seeking discreet, almost invisible treatment for their malocclusion.

… for patients who would like to see a full visual simulation of the planned tooth movement on screen.

… for patients seeking a simple, minimally invasive treatment method.

… for patients who can take conscious responsibility for wearing the invisible plastic aligner and the success of their treatment.

… for quality-conscious patients seeking ongoing support from a specialist dentist for orthodontics to ensure lasting treatment results.


… can be used at any age if correction is required or desired.

… can perform more complex and demanding biomechanical movements (such as closing gaps after tooth extraction due to overcrowding).

… are usually used for children and young people with severe tooth and jaw misalignment.

… in ‘train-track’ form are the most suitable for combining as part of jaw alignment correction and, in our experience, achieve the best results.

… are often used in combination with night-time braces (headgear). For complex jaw misalignments, we use monoblock brackets combined with headgear. We use the electronic module ‘Smartgear’ to monitor the actual wearing time and force applied.

… are particularly suitable for children in the form of a fixed ‘train-track’ installation for age-related reasons.

… cannot be removed by the child themselves. This makes it easier to plan successful treatment.

We’re experts in braces

As specialised dentists in orthodontics and experts in straight teeth, we offer different methods for correcting malocclusions. We are happy to offer guidance in a personal consultation.

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Invisalign: the subtle way to the perfect smile

Invisalign’s invisible brace technology is the most reliable, advanced malocclusion correction technology on the market.

A single scan – a world of possibilities

The 3D scan replaces the classic plaster cast, takes just a few minutes and is used as the foundation for all planning processes. As well as being highly efficient, it’s also very comfortable for you as a patient.

Full tooth movement imaging

The digital impression of your teeth enables digital planning of the entire tooth movement process using Invisalign’s invisible braces. You can see how your new perfect smile will look on screen from the very start of treatment.

Correcting misalignments with Invisalign

We can correct many different types of malocclusion with Invisalign invisible braces. Transparent plastic aligners gradually move your teeth into the perfect position.

We make a difference

Our braces treatment makes a real difference – and not merely in terms of tooth and jaw alignment. Perfect tooth alignment and a stunning smile are a valuable investment in your self-esteem. For your tooth correction, put your trust in our team of experienced experts. For a smile as radiant as you are.

Invisalign treatment costs

Invisalign treatment costs vary depending on the complexity of the treatment and your own preferences. Aligner treatment with Invisalign can be provided for as little as CHF 3,000.

As proven specialists in correcting malocclusions with Invisalign invisible braces, we support you throughout the entire treatment process with regular check-ups. You’ll get results you can plan for and a new, stunning smile is guaranteed. As specialised dentists in orthodontics, we fit a retainer once treatment has finished. This helps keep your teeth in their fixed final position and prevents them moving again later.

Helping kids and teenagers find their perfect smile

As specialised dentists in orthodontics, we can help parents find out how their child’s smile is developing from an early age. We are able to detect potential jaw alignment issues requiring correction as early as the milk-teeth stage.

As specialised dentists in orthodontics, we can help parents find out how their child’s smile is developing from an early age.

Conventional braces for tooth correction

We offer a range of different treatment methods, depending on the complexity of tooth movement and jaw misalignment. Fixed braces are often more successful for children and teenagers in particular as they cannot be removed independently and the wearing time and force applied can be monitored.

Lingual technique – the invisible braces

With the lingual technique, the treatment is carried out using a fitting attached to the teeth on the tongue side (lingual). As a result, this is completely invisible from the outside and will not be noticed by those around you.

White ceramic brackets – discreet and efficient

Treatment using ceramic brackets is carried out in the same way as with traditional metal brackets. By means of the brackets, a wire exerts pressure on the teeth and gradually moves them into the desired position.

Night-time braces for correcting jaw misalignment

Children often have an underbite or overbite. To allow us to bring their teeth into the right position, we use night-time braces first to correct their jaw alignment as they grow.

Initial consultation: analysis of your particular malocclusion

In an initial consultation, we analyse your particular malocclusion and discuss your wishes regarding your orthodontic treatment.

Cost of treatment using conventional braces

The cost of treatment using conventional braces varies depending on the complexity of the treatment. We bill based on a DENTOTAR tariff point value of 1.10.

We recommend taking out additional insurance for children for dentistry including orthodontics by the age of five. In the event of treatment, the insurance will then cover most of the treatment costs.

For your tooth correction, put your trust in our team of experienced experts.


Extensive supplementary training and years of experience in complex cases.


Use of the latest orthodontic technologies for predictable results.


Efficient and modern practice procedures thanks to complete digitalisation.


Proven expertise in the treatment of malocclusions.

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