Tooth correction is possible at any age

Straightening crooked teeth is not reserved just for children or teens. Adults can also correct malocclusions.

Straight jaws and teeth for children, teens and adults

With children, it is possible to use the growing stage to achieve a straight jaw using the appropriate method. For adults, transparent aligners and combined treatment methods can be used to fulfil the wish for a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics for children in Zurich

Straight teeth are not only the basis for a beautiful smile, they also ensure optimal chewing function. As proven specialists, we guide children and teens on the path towards optimal tooth and jaw alignment.

Typical course of treatment

To avoid missing the right moment of development, children first come to us at the orthodontic practice when their permanent incisors erupt. An early diagnosis means we can manipulate the growth of the jaw using suitable methods so that function and aesthetics are combined in the best possible outcome.

Braces for children

For correcting jaw misalignment in children, we offer night-time braces that can be monitored in relation to wearing time and force applied via a special module. Alternatively, a fixed appliance can be used, which brings about a straight jaw independently of the child’s cooperation. Following successful jaw alignment, we move on to tooth correction, for which we offer all modern methods from brackets or lingual technique to transparent aligners.

To motivate our young patients as much as possible during treatment, they can select colours and images for the design of their braces.

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Costs vary depending on complexity and treatment duration

Depending on the complexity of the jaw and tooth correction, costs for treatment vary between CHF 3,000 and CHF 12,000. We recommend that you take out additional insurance with your health insurance provider in good time. Depending on the treatment, this insurance may later cover a large part of the costs. In general, we also offer payments by instalment for all treatments.

Orthodontics for adults in Zurich

Increasing numbers of adults want to have their malocclusions corrected. We offer braces that move the teeth into the desired position invisibly and with a high degree of comfort. For a smile that unleashes new potential. Personally as much as professionally.

Find out which typical malocclusions can be treated using Invisalign.

Typical course of treatment

In an initial consultation, we discuss your wishes with regard to treatment and make a digital impression of your teeth in a 3D scan that takes just a few minutes. This allows you to follow the course of your treatment from the very beginning by means of virtual 3D animations. We offer the entire range of highly discreet treatment methods for malocclusions, which can also be accelerated on request using innovative methods.

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