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We are your specialists for straightening teeth and jaws.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

As a practice for modern orthodontics, we plan tooth correction for all ages using modern technology – as invisibly and quickly as possible.

An orthodontist …

… has completed additional specialised training lasting many years that goes beyond the normal dentistry training

… prevents, diagnoses and treats tooth and jaw misalignment

… has practical experience in treating complex malocclusions

… only works with healthy teeth

… has expertise in the area of new orthodontic technologies

… can recommend the best orthodontic treatment to suit the individual needs of the patient

A dentist …

… checks general dental health

… diagnoses disease in the tooth, tooth neck, mouth and oral mucosa

… promotes dental health and prevents dental disease

… recommends treatment plans to help you achieve the best possible dental health

Does your child suffer from misaligned teeth or jaws?

Have you noticed crooked or protruding teeth in your child? Do they have difficulty chewing or speaking, or are they restricted in their everyday life in some other way?

Typical course of treatment with Invisalign

Your virtual treatment plan begins with a 3D scan.

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